About The Book and Bear Company

Raising kids is a tough job. You have so much to do and manage, and we want to help a little.

Book and Bear’s mission is to help give parents and their kids activities they can enjoy together as they slow down and enjoy the calming joys of reading.

We believe: Play + Reading + Family Time = Happy Learners

What’s Inside?

Every box includes:

  • A Plush Animal Stuffing Kit (with animal, fluff, adoption papers and heart)
  • A Picture book OR Chapter book
  • An activity, game, craft or other gift (surprise!)
Take a peek inside our Bunny Box in this video by V & M Photography:

How Book and Bear Began…

how it started

Book and Bear was originally a Birthday Tea Party Service called Teacups and Teddy Bears. From 2001, we traveled around Tampa Bay, Florida bringing Princess and Create-a-Bear Parties to hundreds of children. It was sooo much fun!

Kymberly MacAgy is a former teacher and Homeschool Mom who helps Moms with young children nurture family time while fostering a lifetime love for reading and learning. Before starting Book and Bear, Kymberly was Activities Coordinator for her local Girl Scout Council, Business Owner, Teacher, Homeschool Mom and Curriculum Developer for Christian Education.

In the beginning . . . Princess Dresses, Teddy Bear Picnics, lugging equipment and reading to kids as a Birthday Party Service. Back then my teen daughters worked with me and my youngest (just 5 years old) consulted on colors and the best party activities.

Now . . . We haven’t really changed all that much! We still love books, teddy bears and bringing joy to kids! Even my youngest is all grown up, and now she’s Head of Development. We’ve expanded our reach to spread the fun throughout the United States. We are currently working on plans to give subscribers and other kind humans opportunities to give Book and Bear boxes to hospitalized children.

My son LOVES to read and he LOVES “cuddles” making Book and Bear the perfect combination for him. He always get so excited when I am able to order him one and he sees the box waiting at the door.

– Amanda A.

I love the one on one time we get to spend together. She loves getting her new book and stuffing a new friend.

-Ashley J.