Kangaroo Book and Bear Box - Picture Book

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When a child builds their own new plush animal, they make a new friend to read with, play with, and imagine with. Book and Bear boxes also include a book about the month's featured animal to spark a love for reading that will last into adulthood. Plus, reading with your child every day is a great foundation for learning and a regular deposit in the bank of family bonding.

Kangaroo Box features:

  • A new plush Kangaroo with soft, cuddly fur
  • Velcro back for easy finishing (no sewing required)
  • Soft, cloud-like fluff to stuff your new friend
  • Adoption Papers
  • A purple Best Friends heart to stuff inside your plushie, after making a wish, of course!
  • A beautiful hardbound Picture Book to add to your library and read together again and again: I LOVE IT WHEN YOU SMILE
  • Plus a joey kangaroo finger puppet that fits in your new kangaroo's pouch
  • Plus bonus Craft, Sticker Set, Coloring book or Small Toy.

Please by aware that Plush Animals are not recommended for children under 3 years old, due to small parts (eyes).

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