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A package of fun and pure joy!

My little one absolutely loved her Book and Bear box! There was such a fun DIY component to making the stuffed animal, and the chosen book for the box was super engaging. She loved hugging her new sloth friend while reading about a pet sloth over and over again! Thanks Book and Bear!

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Jennifer J.
Amazing for kiddos!

Our first Book and Bear Box was so much fun! My three year olds excitement when opening it was priceless! An amazing product that will definitely get your kids excited about reading!

Such a fun family activity

Book and Bear Subscription Box

Little Lamb 🐑 book and stuffed animal

This was a great gift for my great niece

Reading POPPING !!!!!!

Love the quality of the books and the literature is on point!!!

I like it. It's a lot better for me. Thanks

Super Soft!!

My Son Loved the Snow Leopard!! He had fun stuffing it himselfand rading the book but he hasn't put the leopard down since he got it!! It is so soft and very great quality!!

So Much Fun in a Box!

We have received 5 Book and Bear boxes and my daughter has loved every one of them. The plushes are large, well-made and oh so huggable. The books have been wonderful stories we read together. These boxes would also make a great gift!

my kids love the books

they both enjoy looking at the books and acting them out with the bears.

Building Memories With My Grandson

I ordered the dino set for my grandson and I to build memories together ❤ As a preschool teacher for over 25 years I would have loved to have each of these for my classroom ❤

These Boxes Are Amazing

These boxes are amazing. My son and I both equally enjoy opening them each month and stuffing them. We then act out the book with the stuffy. These are great. ❤️🧸

My Son And I Love This!

My son and I love the stuffed animal and book. Plus this wonderful company sent me a holiday card with a coupon code. The shipping is always fast.

I Can't Say ENOUGH...

I can't say ENOUGH about this wonderful concept! Marketing is top notch as is the customer service.... LOVE Book and Bear!

Perfect Gift

This was a wonderful gift for my Rhonda. Thanks Book and Bear. Great packaging.

My Kids LOVED Being Able To Build Their Own...

My kids loved being able to build their animal and loved getting the kitten to read their book. They have been cuddling it like crazy.

So Cute

Book & Bear is so cute. Reminds me of a Build A Bear but WAY BETTER. You get to experience the fun right at home. My 5 year old daughter absolutely loves her Santa Mouse it’s perfect for the holiday’s ❤️

Very good

My girls loved the mouse and teddy bear

What a great experience. The Orca is beautiful and cuddlee. This was a great gift for my child-like adult, my wife. I love Book and Bear. Very professionally packaged, and customer support is friendly.

Awesome experience! My daughter loves reading! And she loves playing with toys! Book and Bear is best combination! You can make your plush , read and play together❤️

my daughter loved everything about this. loved the craft the book and the stuffed animal and naming her stuffed animal with a purple heart.

My grandson Rowan loved the T-Rex and story book. He has been thrilled with each shipment in this collection. He plans on taking the T-Rex to childcare for show and tell. Very pleased with each product that he has received.

My grandson was excited to get another package from Book and Bear. I had them FaceTime me but they also did a video but I am having trouble sending it to you. He was also excited to get the story book as well S the coloring book. He loved the little extra’s that were added in the box as well. Will try my best to get the photos to your site but can’t promise. Thank you again. The quality is so good on the stuffed animals that he has gotten and he loves them and can’t wait for when the next shipments arrive.

Hi Roberta, Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm so thrilled your grandson is loving his dinosaurs! If it would be easier for you, you can send me any photos or video you'd like to share at my email, too: Hello@bookandbear.com

I purchased Book and Bear for my granddaughter who is 9 years old and she loves it. The animals are so cute and soft and we are enjoying the chapter books. It's a great surprise which comes in the mail each month. It truly make us both happy to share this experience together. It's all about making good memories with a child I adore. Thank you Book and Bear.