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Cat lovers of all ages will enjoy our Halloween edition Book and Bear box. 

Halloween Cat Book and Bear box features:

  • Soft, cuddly fur
  • Realistic button eyes
  • Zippered backs for easy finishing (no sewing required)
  • Soft, cloud-like fluff to stuff your Cat
  • Adoption Papers
  • A purple "Best Friends" heart to stuff inside your cat, after making a wish, of course!
  • Plus bonus Craft and Sticker Set

Plus, with the Cat stuffing kit, your child will receive your choice of a beautiful picture book or chapter book. 

Picture Book for October: is yet to be announced.

Chapter Book for October: Socks by Beverly Cleary

"Both children and adults with roar with laughter."—School Library Journal

Newbery Medal-winning author Beverly Cleary charms readers with yet another lovable character—Socks, a jealous cat who must learn to share his owners with their new baby. This chapter book is an excellent choice to share during homeschooling, in particular for children ages 5 to 7 who are ready to read independently. It’s a fun way to keep your child engaged and as a supplement for activity books for children.

Socks is one happy cat. He lives the good life with his affectionate owners, Mr. and Mrs. Bricker. Ever since the day they saved him from a life spent in a mailbox drop slot, Socks has been the center of their world. And he always has everything he needs—tasty kitty treats and all the lap room he could want!

But when a new baby arrives, suddenly the Brickers have less and less time for Socks. Little Charles William is the one getting all the attention. Socks feels left out—and to show it, he starts getting into all sorts of trouble! What will it take to make Socks realize just how much the Brickers care about him?

Halloween Cats are by Subscription Only until September 30. 

A Book and Bear Subscription will delight your child every month, building their library of great books, spending quality time together building their own stuffed animal, and enjoying story time night after night.

Are you blessed with more than one child? Sibling boxes also available! 

Choose your second box:

Just the Bear Stuffing Kit + Surprise (shipping included) $32.00 more.

For a sibling bear stuffing kit with additional book, choose the "both books" option with two bears, and we'll send a picture book in one box and a chapter book in the sibling box.

Special Requests? Email us for a quote. 

On Sale Now for October 4th Shipment. Subscribe by September 30st to get this box.

Subscribers save $10 every month over One-Time Prices, and always get the latest Box!

Subscriptions for Full-Size Teddy Bears only $42.99 per month + shipping.

Please by aware that Plush Animals are not recommended for children under 3 years old, due to small parts.

Be sure to subscribe by the 30th for this month's Box. We ship on or around the 4th of each month and provide USPS tracking numbers for all boxes.