Mini Book and Bear Box

1.5 lb
$49.99 $59.99

Make reading a fun family experience, and your kids will be off to a great start at learning. Book and Bear makes reading fun with beautiful picture books centered around our super fun teddy bear stuffing kits. Build your new plush animal friend together (with easy no-sew closures) and then read your new friend's book. We specially choose each monthly book to go with the animal of the month to spark curiosity and help you make the most of cozy family reading time together. Mini Book and Bear Boxes follow the same theme as our Regular Size Boxes, in a smaller package. 

Mini Animals are wonderful for multiple-child households who'd like a budget package! 

Each Box includes:

Mini 8 inch Bear Stuffing Kit

Fluff and Instructions to stuff your Bear

A Heart to Wish upon and Stuff inside your Bear's back

Adoption Papers

A Picture Book or Chapter Book

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