Special Edition Unicorn Book and Bear Box

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As of today Unicorn Picture Books are almost SOLD OUT! (Just one left!) We still have unicorns and chapter books, and we are reordering Picture books, and they should be here in the next two weeks.

Bring some Magic to your child with a Special Edition Unicorn Book and Bear Box! This box a Unicorn Stuffing Kit in either Pink or Purple and a Picture Book about a Unicorn Club. This box is available in very limited quantities.

Box includes a Unicorn Stuffing Kit and a Picture Book. Or choose a Chapter Book for older children, or as a read-aloud. Chapter Books now available. Is your child between Picture Books and Chapter Books, or do you spend time reading aloud to your child? We have also discounted a double book option. Get both books with a Unicorn stuffing kit for just $59.99.

Are you blessed with more than one child? Add an additional unicorn box for just $31.99 so everyone can join the fun! (Second unicorn will come in its own Book and Bear box with no book).

Choose Purple or Pink Unicorn. To order a second unicorn, click here: https://bookandbear.com/products/add-a-uncicorn-stuffing-kit

(Subscribers can choose to receive a Unicorn Box instead of the next Monthly Book and Bear Box. Just send us a message or email.) 


Suzy Senior, the author of Unicorn Club, reads her book in this video: