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Give your child the gift of reading together

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Books, Animal Stuffing Kits and Creative Screen-Free Reading Activities to Enjoy Together Each Month

Imagine your child or grandchild putting down their devices to sit down and read a book and spend quality one-on-one time with you

Most kids find learning to read challenging, and this year 33% of all children in grades K-3 are struggling to read at grade level.

Classrooms have been disrupted and online learning hasn’t provided what a child needs to thrive educationally: that one-on-one time with an adult and a book.

As a teacher and then homeschool parent for many years, I know how hard it can be to get a child interested in books and in doing the hard work of learing to read. There are so many fun distractions that are easier – phones, tablets, electronic toys and television. And if they aren’t interested in reading, how are they going to gain this essential skill?

We all know that kids who don’t become good readers by the end of third grade struggle to succeed in the upper elementary grades and that right now is the most important time to address your child’s reading skills and get them reading.

This Is Why We Founded The Book and Bear Company

To give parents and grandparents tools to connect with the kids they love while inspiring a love for reading and books in animal-loving kids


What is Book and Bear?

exciting new delivery

Get an exciting new delivery each month!

build your bear

Build a new stuffy together

build your library

Build your library of great kids' books

high quality plush

Soft, high quality plush reading companions

Easy to Stuff with No-Sew Closures "I did it myself!"

Easy to Stuff with No-Sew Closures "I did it myself!"

Bonus: Reading Enrichment Activities

Bonus: Reading Enrichment Activities

What I love about Book and Bear is the joy it brings to my youngest son. He loves seeing what different books and bears he gets each month. He is not a big fan of reading but since receiving the Book and Bear boxes he has been excited to read them to me.

-Ashley J.

I love the smile it puts on my grandbabies faces when they get them. They love stuffing the animals. They are great quality and the books are beautiful.

-Darlene S.

how it started

The Book and Bear Readers’ Club is Perfect For You If You Are:

  • A concerned parent of a K-3rd grader who wants to see your child grow confident in their reading skills
  • A Mom or Dad of a pre-schooler who wants to instill a love for reading in their kiddo and give them a head start for school success
  • A parent of a New Reader who needs to make the transition to chapter books
  • A Homeschool parent who wants to enrich their kiddos’ reading education
  • A Parent of a child with a learning challenge or ASD to help their animal-loving kid love books too
  • A Grandma or Grandpa who wants to spend quality screen-free time bonding with your grandkids
  • A lucky Mom or Dad whose kid already LOVES both BOOKS and ANIMALS to reward them for their hard work learning to read

Even if you have found it difficult in the past to make time to read to your child each day, a Book and Bear Subscription can breathe new life into your family reading times and make reading together a cozy, bonding, and enjoyable time together

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Our Upstanding Bear Promise

If your child doesn’t love their Book and Bear box, send it back for a full refund.

What’s Inside

Book and Bear boxes come bursting with fun activities and a book to make reading a fun, stress-free experience.

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in the box

Each Monthly Book and Bear Box Includes:

  • A new plush animal your child will instantly love, all the soft and cuddly fur included
  • Generous amounts of soft, cloud-like stuffing so little hands can stuff their new best friend
  • No sewing necessary – simply zip or Velcro when fully stuffed
  • But before closing up the back, have your child insert the purple Best Friends heart after closing their eyes and making the biggest wish!
  • A beautiful hardbound picture book or paperback chapter book about your child’s new best friend you can add to your growing library
  • BONUS: Creative craft adventures, including a coloring book, sticker set, or perhaps even another fun toy

Give your child the box that makes reading fun with:

 1. New Animals: Give your child an animal they can hand-build all by themselves and feel proud of the adorably soft new friend they’ve made.

2. Stories: Whether your child already loves books, or isn’t interested in books, our bear-building paired with a new book about that animal makes reading new stories fun.

3. Time with Mom or Dad, Grandma or Grandpa: Kids especially enjoy those precious moments reading stories with the adults they love while cuddling their new stuffed animal friend. Parents and Grandparents especially enjoy cuddly bonding time together over a book.


How It Works

step 1

Choose an Age Range

Picture book for ages 3-7 or chapter book for ages 8-12

step 2

Choose Your Plan

Month-to-Month, 6 Month and Annual Options

step 3

Build & Read Together

Motivate kids to get reading and succeeding in school!

How does Book and Bear compare to a trip to the mall store?

Plus, a Book and Bear box includes a beautiful new book to get your child reading

Your child (ages 3 and up) can CRAFT their animal themselves, building confidence you won’t see when a stuffy is built FOR them

And they won’t be tempted by outfits real animals would never wear, saving you $$$!

What ages is Book and Bear for?

Boys and Girls ages 3 and up! Choose our picture book option for children 3-7, or our chapter book option for kids 8 and up.

Do you have board books for a child who is under 3 years old?

At our customers’ request, we have now developed a new version of Book and Bear for your little ones 0 to 2 years! To learn about our Baby Box, and sign up, go to:

Our stuffable animals are only approved for children 3 years old and up by the Child Product Safety Commission, therefore, we do not have a board book option with stuffable plush animals.

Please do not subscribe to the Reader’s Club for a child under 3 years. Our boxes contain small parts that could pose a choking hazard and are not intended for children under 3. Instead, use this link to go to Book and Bear Baby.

Do you have an option for siblings, so each of my kids can build their own animal?

Yes, we have sibling boxes! Contact us for a customized plan.

How much is Shipping?


Can I Subscribe with a Scholarship?

YES! We’ve helped many families receive Book and Bear boxes with their existing educational scholarship funds. Email or Chat with us if you need help:

When will my box ship?

Most boxes ship on the 4th of the coming month. When you subscribe, your initiation date is the day you will be charged each month. Subscribe between the 15th of the month and the 3rd of the next month and you will receive the coming month’s box shipped on the 4th. Subscribe between the 4th of any month and the 14th, and we will ship your box immediately after your renewal date. This allows you to choose the renewal date that is best for your budget. Need to make a change? Every subscriber has their own Customer Portal and can sign in and change their renewal date, pause a subscription or change to another plan.

Need help? Want to send a box in time for a Birthday Celebration?

Contact our Friendly and Excellent Customer Service Team at:

What if my child doesn't like their Book and Bear box?

We want you to be 100% Satisfied with your purchase. If your child doesn’t like their Book and Bear box we GUARANTEE to make it right. Our customers love our customer service, because we love our customers!

Do you have a Referral Progam?

Yes! When you subscribe, you’ll see that each customer has a unique referral code.

Copy this code and send it to your friends, your kid’s classmates’ moms, relatives, anyone you think would like a Book and Bear Subscription. For each friend who signs up, you receive $10 off your next shipment, while your friend gets $10 off their first box! It’s just our way of thanking you for spreading the word about Book and Bear.

Get just 5 friends to sign up and get your next box FREE!

My son LOVES to read and he LOVES “cuddles” making Book and Bear the perfect combination for him. He always get so excited when I am able to order him one and he sees the box waiting at the door.

– Amanda A.

I love the one on one time we get to spend together. She loves getting her new book and stuffing a new friend.

-Ashley J.

When is the best time to build reading and learning skills in your kids?


Build confidence while they craft their own animal to put them in a positive mindset to read

Make reading fun and engaging with a new friend to cuddle

Stop the tug of war over homework and reignite your child's joy in learning

Kids grow up so fast, and before you know it, your Kindergartener is in High School.
Don’t let this opportunity pass them by.

It’s your choice: You can do nothing now and hope they’ll learn to read at school, or you can start a new Book and Bear Subscription and make reading your child’s favorite subject.

To see more Book and Bear unboxing videos, visit our Youtube channel!


About The Book and Bear Company

how it started

Before The Book and Bear Company was born, we were Teacups and Teddy Bears, a Birthday Party Service. We created and hosted birthday parties for kids ages 3-10 all over the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Our most popular party theme was our Create-a-Bear Party, where kids could all hand-stuff their own new plush animals. Then we would read a book about their animal.

And we noticed that ALL the kids (avid readers AND disinterested readers) LOVED reading a book about their new friend.

Fast Forward a few years and we saw the need to help parents who suddenly became homeshool parents due to school closures. It’s hard enough to supervise homework, but now many parents find themselves also having to teach reading!

With a Book and Bear Monthly Subscription, you and your child can build bonds while you build bears, making reading a fun together-time experience.

Does your child or grandchild love animals?

Book and Bear is a monthly box of Animal Reading Adventures for your 3-12 year old animal fan

Make Reading Fun again through the Power of Plush Building

Let’s Build a Stuffy and Read Together!


With any 6 month or longer subscription