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6 Best Horse Books For Children

Horses have been a symbol of freedom and adventure for kids and even adults. Whether in person, in movies, or books, the mention of horses sparks excitement in the eyes and minds of children. Reading is an important exercise that is easier for kids to do when the book is about something they enjoy, so if your kid loves horses, consider gettingĀ horse books for children.

If you have children of your own or nieces and nephews, who love horses, get them the next best thing to riding one ā€“ childrenā€™s books about horses. There are plenty ofĀ horse books for childrenĀ out there, but here are a few favorites for various age ranges to get you started.

Best Horse Books For ChildrenĀ 

Black Beauty

Starting with a classic by Anna Sewell, Black Beauty is suitable for children ten years old and up, written from the horseā€™s point of view in 19th century London. In this story, Black Beauty starts on a beautiful farm where he grows into a strong stallion, but his owner is forced to sell him one day. This sends the horse on a challenging journey bouncing from one cruel owner to another until he eventually bounces back to a kind owner that gives him a happy ending.Ā 

The Black Stallion

Another timeless classic for kids ages eight and up, this story by Walter Farley follows the relationship of an untamed stallion and a young boy that must protect each other after being stranded on an island by a shipwreck. The pair eventually get rescued and become the perfect racing team.

Hello, Horse

Hello, Horse, written by Vivian French and illustrated by Catherine Rayner, is a fun illustrated story for ages five and up that introduces children to horses in a gentle way. Filled with informative tips on horses and how to care for them and interact with them, this book is perfect for children that are a little nervous around horses.

Rosieā€™s Magic Horse

This story by Russell Hoban (illustrated by Quentin Blake) is for ages three and up and follows the magical tale of a girl and her horse. Rosie starts with a collection of ice-lolly sticks that dream of being more, and one night Rosie dreams of being able to help her financially struggling parents, which magically delivers her a horse at the stroke of midnight. The two go on a fantastical adventure and find many treasures.Ā 

Thatā€™s Not My Pony

This book by Fiona Watt is best for children ages one and up and has illustrations of the various types of horses. Through colorful pictures and textured patches, young children can stimulate their imaginations and sensory development while learning about horses.


This book by Nicola Smee is also suited for very young children. The simple repetitive text and cheerful illustrations follow a horse around a farm picking up other barnyard animals for a fun ride. Any toddler will enjoy this cute short story.

Boost Your Childā€™s Reading ProficiencyĀ 

Reading is essential to learning in a young childā€™s life, so why not make it fun? Horse books for kids are a timeless classic genre full of exciting and informative text and illustrations.

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