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Book & Bear Subscription Box

Book & Bear Subscription Box


This weekend only - Start a New Subscription to Book & Bear Box and get a FREE Halloween Bitty Kitty! Free Kitties are limited to the first 10 new subscribers ONLY. *Not valid with any other offer.

Join the Book & Bear family today and embark on a journey filled with laughter, learning, and love. Give your children the gift of magical moments and watch as their imaginations soar!

  • 📚 Promotes Reading Skills: Encourage a lifelong love for reading as your child explores captivating stories related to their animal-themed adventures.
  • 🎉 Quality Family Time: Create cherished memories through interactive activities that delight both young and old, fostering deep emotional connections within your family.
  • 🐻 Hands-On Creativity: Unleash your child's creativity with our animal stuffing kits, encouraging imagination and fine motor skills development.
  • 🌟 Educational & Entertaining: Seamlessly blend education and entertainment, making learning a delightful experience for your little ones.
  • 🚫 Screen-Free Fun: Say goodbye to excessive screen time and hello to genuine family interactions, ensuring a healthy balance in your child's daily activities.

Subscribe now and make family time the highlight of your month.


*Not recommended for children under three years old due to small parts. For Littles Under 3, see our New Baby Box Here.

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How Book and Bear Subscriptions Work

Choose An Age Range

Board Books Ages 0 to 3
Baby Box comes with baby-safe pre-stuffed animal

Picture Book Ages 3 to 7 with Animal to Build

Chapter Book Ages 8 & up with Animal to Build

Choose Your Plan

3 Month Plan
6 Month Plan
12 Month Plan

Join our Bear Points Rewards Program and Earn Points with every purchase - then redeem your points for almost-free boxes!

Build & Read Together

Get your kids excited about reading while you build special memories together

Your first box will ship within 3 business days.

Subscriptions Ship FREE

Our Customers 💖 Us

Laura S.

Best Subscription Box

We just received our first box and my son and I were equally excited. My son enjoyed “making” his own stuffed animal. The size and quality is good. He also received not one, but two chapter books that he thinks he will enjoy. He loves reading and stuffed animals so this is THE perfect box for him. So happy to have found Book and a Bear!

Elizabeth K.

Best Gift I Every Got For My Granddaughter!

My Granddaughter is in love with these boxes!

Julie M.

We loved our first box!

Both of my boys were so excited to receive this box. I can absolutely recommend. We enjoyed reading our new story with a new little best friend that all came right from our box!

Jade W.

A package of fun and pure joy!

My little one absolutely loved her Book and Bear box! There was such a fun DIY component to making the stuffed animal, and the chosen book for the box was super engaging. She loved hugging her new sloth friend while reading about a pet sloth over and over again! Thanks Book and Bear!

What's Inside The Box?

  • Super Soft, High-Quality Stuffed Animal to Build Together (no sewing skills needed)
  • Adopt your newly built animal and make it your own
  • Hardbound Picture Books carefully chosen to pair with the animal and make reading truly exciting
  • Chapter Books on 2 different reading levels to grow with your reader

Get Your Kids Excited About Reading

Whether your child loves books, or isn't interested in reading, our Animal Themed Box of Reading Activities will jump-start their inspiration to read about something they love - Animals!

Sure, we could just send you a couple of books each month, but our goal is to get your child EXCITED about reading their new books through their love of toys and animals.

Get Started

More Than A Stuffed Animal


Choose Your Delivery

Mini Animal With Book


🧸Mini 8 Inch Animal Stuffing Kit
📗Paperback Picture Book
📨Comes in a mailer pouch

Starting at $35.19 per delivery

Now Choose Your Plan ➡️

Deluxe Book & Bear Box


🧸16 inch Animal Stuffing Kit
📗Keepsake Hardbound Picture Book
🧸Bonus Activities
🎁Comes In Our Exciting Custom-Designed Box

Starting at $59.99 per delivery

Now Choose Your Plan ➡️

Start Today

Children grow up so fast! 

We want to help you get them reading so they will excel in school.

But even more, to give you quality time with each one to strengthen those precious family bonds with something your kids already love -> animals and spending time with you!

Get Started Now!

Past Book & Bear Boxes

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February Husky

January Snow Leopard


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