Plastic dinosaurs at a Dinosaur Birthday Party

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas


Practicing Social Distancing has made Birthday Parties at fun venues around town a (hopefully temporary) thing of the past. But an at home birthday party with friends or just family can be a great way to celebrate those important Childhood Milestones.

So what to do to celebrate a special birthday at home with just a few guests?

Dinosaur Party!

Here are some fun ways to have an easy Dinosaur Birthday Party at home:

1. A Dino-awesome Cake

Photo of a Dinosaur Birthday Cake

For me, party planning always starts with the cake, and this adorable cake is easy to make. For the recipe, take a look at this awesome blog from Made to Be a Mama:

2. Fun Dino Crafts

A Craft can be a great way to start a Birthday Party. There are always those slightly awkward minutes at the beginning of a party when everyone is  arriving and waiting for the rest of the guests. Start with a fun little craft or coloring activity to help occupy the guests before the party really starts, and break some of the ice between children who don't know each other yet. A craft can also set a quiet, peaceful tone for the rest of your party.

Here's a fun and easy Dinosaur craft. Just some construction paper, paper plates, and some crayons, markers or paint (depending on how messy you want the kids to get) and you've got a great activity for a Dinosaur Party.

Photo of a Dinosaur Craft

You can get full instructions and even free downloadable templates for this craft at this great blog for Kids Crafts:

3. Dinosaur Games

What's more fun than making a dinosaur craft? Playing dinosaur games, of course! Here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

a. Walk Like a Dinosaur: It's just plain fun to pretend to be a dinosaur. Let each child choose what type of dinosaur they want to be. How does their dinosaur look? How big is it? What does it sound like? How does it walk? Then show off your dinosaur walk one at a time across the room. Have some roaring good fun while you Walk Like a Dinosaur.

b. Find the Dinosaur Egg: For this game you'll need a little prop. A rock or a toy dinosaur egg would work perfectly, if you have one. The birthday child starts the game. While everyone carefully covers their eyes, the birthday child has one minute to hide the dinosaur egg somewhere in the play room. When they've found a place to hide the egg, time is called, and everyone looks for the egg. The guest who finds the egg first gets a turn to hide the egg. Continue rounds until everyone has had a turn to hide the egg. 

c. Triceratops, Triceratops, T-Rex: This game is basically "Duck, Duck, Goose" with Dinosaurs. All the guests sit on the floor in a circle. The birthday child walks around the outside of the circle and gently taps the head of each guest saying, "Triceratops" as he or she taps each guest. Finally, he or she taps one and says, "T-Rex"! The T-Rex guest chases the birthday child, roaring, until one of them reaches the spot where the T-Rex/child had been sitting. Next, the T-Rex becomes the dinosaur namer, and play begins again. Continue until everyone has had a chance to name the dinosaurs. For younger children who may have trouble saying "triceratops", they can say "Dino, Dino, T-Rex".


4. Read a Dinosaur Book. Reading a book at this point in the party can calm the children after all the game playing excitement. There are many books to choose from, and if you have a Dino Fan in the house, you probably have a few on a shelf somewhere.  This is a great time to ask someone to get the cake ready so you can serve refreshments next, too.

Dinosaur Book and Bear Boxes featuring Triceratops, Brachiosaurus and T-Rex

Book and Bear can help with a Special Memory Party, too. We have party packages of Dinosaur Stuffing Kits and Dinosaur Picture books to make your party the best Dinosaur party around! To find out how to get multiple dinosaurs at our bulk rate for a Birthday Party, Click here: 


Have a Roaring Good Time at your next Dinosaur Birthday Party!

Kymberly MacAgy

Founder of Book and Bear



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