5 Fantastic Kids Books Like Elephant and Piggie

5 Fantastic Kids Books Like Elephant and Piggie

For children fascinated by reading at an early age, the Elephant and Piggie series, written by Mo Willems, has proven to be an excellent fit. Complete with its expressive vocabulary and conversation, heartwarming stories, and lovable characters. These kids books are the perfect tool to engage young readers as they grow their reading skills.

Elephant and Piggie spend time together, solving problems, learning new things, and expressing themselves. Their wholesome adventures and genuine friendship are engaging and healthy for young readers.

But, after a while, reading the same books over and over again can become monotonous. Too much of the same thing dulls interest in reading, so it is essential to add variety to your child‚Äôs life while still cultivating the interests they already have. As you look for new reading material for your child, consider these suggestions‚Äďall of which are books like Elephant and Piggie.

Harold & Hog Pretend for Real, by Dan Sanial and Mo Willems

There are several books like Elephant and Piggie, but this book has more similarities than most. Harold & Hog Pretend for Real tells a fun, playful story about two animal buddies who pretend to be animals they aren’t. Harold pretends to be Hog, and Hog pretends to be Harold. This colorfully illustrated, creative book invites lots of laughter with every read. A wonderful addition to the library of any child who loves Elephant and Piggie, this book will be a hit with young children learning how to read.

The Good for Nothing Button, by Charise Mericle Harper

This cute story follows the activities of Red Bird, Blue Bird, and Yellow Bird as they figure out what Yellow Bird’s button does. As they take turns pushing the button, they feel different emotions, and an extensive discussion ensues. This book is similar to Elephant and Piggie in many ways. The colorful illustrations are engaging for children, and the dialogue is playful and interactive. This makes it a fantastic fit for kids who love Elephant and Piggie.

It’s Shoe Time! by Mo Willems

It’s Shoe Time is a fun, playful read about shoes in the closet. An engaging read for young children who are at an appropriate age to make small life choices. It follows a girl as she prepares for a day out and decides what shoes to wear. This can be a great story for young children as they learn what it means to match colors, learn about varying types of shoes, and the important difference between left and right. This book is also written and illustrated by Mo Willems, sharing a writing and art style with Elephant and Piggie.

What About Worms?!, by Ryan T. Higgins

An adorable story about a tiger with a fear of worms, this book carries a consistent theme of conflict resolution found all over the Elephant and Piggie series. It also teaches children important lessons about overcoming fears and worries.

We Are Growing, by Laurie Keller and Mo Willems

Mo Willems contributes significantly to this quaint story about Walt, a plant growing slower than everyone else. This story’s wonderful moral and message is that there is something unique and special about everyone, and one needs only to look inward to find their value.

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Books like Elephant and Piggie are available for your children to enjoy. The irresistible writing style, fun illustrations, and heartwarming stories are perfect for young readers, and books like these are available at Book and Bear today.

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