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Best 6 Children's Books About Dogs in 2023

The age-old saying that “dogs are a man’s best friend” still remains valid. Dogs make fantastic family pets, and many breeds are even known for their child-rearing abilities, but young children are not always known for their gentleness and patience.

Getting them children’s books about dogs is a great way to prepare your family if you’re planning on getting a new puppy or are looking for a fun way to improve your child’s reading skills. Check out the following list of fun and whimsical dog children’s books.

The Incredible Journey

This iconic story by Sheila Burnford inspired the movie Homeward Bound and is suitable for children ages eight to twelve.

It follows the adventures of two dogs and a cat that wander away from home and get lost. The trio takes a harrowing journey to return home to the arms of their loving family.

The Incredible Journey is one of those timeless children’s books about dogs that just so happens to feature an adorable cat as well.

Hello Goodbye Dog

Here we have a book by Maria Gianferrari recommended for children ages four to eight. Hello Goodbye Dog, teaches valuable lessons in a fun, heartwarming way following the tale of a little girl Zara and her beloved dog Moose.

Every day Zara goes to school, Moose follows her, sparking the idea for Moose to be her therapy dog so he can come to school with her and be the class reading dog. This story teaches kids about the purpose of therapy and service dogs in an entertaining way.

Go, Dog. Go!

Go , Dog. Go! is a story by P.D. Eastman that has been around for decades, entertaining kids ages three to seven with the silly but informative adventure of many dogs. With rhythmic rhyming and fun illustrations, this book introduces various types, colors, shapes, and sizes of dogs to teach young kids about dogs.

Mr. Scruff

Simon James wrote Mr. Scruff, which is best for children ages three to seven. The pages are filled with fun illustrations and rhythmic rhyming of dogs and their look-alike owners.

It follows the story of lonely Mr. Scruff, a shelter dog with no one to love, who finds companionship in a little boy named Jim. This heartwarming story shows that the perfect fit doesn’t have to be identical halves; you just need love.

Big Dog, Little Dog

Another classic story also by P.D. Eastman is for children as young as two. It contains adorable illustrations that follow the friendship of two dogs that are different in every way.

This simple story appeals to various levels of young readers with rhyming lines that teach differences are okay and that even opposite dogs can be the best of friends despite their differences.

The Poky Little Puppy

Janette Sebring Lowrey’s pup tale is suitable for children ages two to three. The story follows the adventures of five little puppies and packs a powerful message taught through the puppies learning why they must always listen to their mother. This book is perfect for young minds, with colorful illustrations to keep them entertained.

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