Must-Have Animal Books for 9-10 Year Olds

Must-Have Animal Books for 9-10 Year Olds

We love our young people and care deeply about their growth and development. Children are eager, quick to learn, and impressionable. They make discoveries constantly and may quickly become fascinated with a variety of new ideas or interests.

One of the first fascinations most children encounter early in life is the existence and diversity of animals throughout the world. Animals are highly engaging and teach us about the world around us. Because children are so quickly intrigued by animals, animal themes can be beneficial when introducing our little ones to new methods of learning that may otherwise be difficult to grasp–especially reading. Children 9-10 years old are becoming more acquainted with the world around them and need reading material that engages with their interests. 

Reading Material to Look for

When looking for appropriate reading materials for your children, finding books that spark interest in them will help them become acquainted with reading in a positive way. As you look to find books that reinforce a fascination with reading, search for recommended books by other parents and readers. When looking for quality animal books for 9 to 10-year-olds, keep these recommendations in mind:

An Elephant in the Garden, by Michael Morpurgo

Specifically in the category of animal books for 9-year-olds and older, this is a wonderful book for learning and growing minds. The plot follows a family in Dresden, Germany, during World War II and their plight of rescuing an elephant from a zoo in danger of being killed due to an impending bombing. Eventually, their house is bombed, causing them to flee their home to escape danger, bringing their elephant with them. The story follows Elizabeth, her mother (who frees the elephant), and their family as they navigate their challenges together.  

Children approaching adolescence can learn many valuable lessons through this book. One of these is the importance and value of animals and how they are worth being looked after and protected. The gentle and tender care of animals can teach children about empathy and sensitivity to the needs of others. 

This book also takes place at the height of a world crisis, of which eastern Europe may have been considered the epicenter. Children nearing their teenage years prepare to learn about these complicated world events. Books like this can be a fantastic medium to introduce them to these conversations, which can sometimes be difficult. This story evokes empathy and sensitivity- not just to animals but to people throughout the world and our history. Animal books for 10-year-olds can teach a multitude of life lessons. 

Wish, by Barbara O’Connor

This book is the perfect match for anyone looking for animal books for 9 to 10-year-olds and anyone looking for a thoughtful, heartwarming story. Wish follows 11-year-old Charlie Reese as she navigates her difficult family situation. Her father is in jail, and her mother experiences a severe mental illness and cannot care for Charlie in the way she needs. Because of this, Charlie is sent to live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina to live with family she hardly knows. With a fair amount of disdain for this new environment, she begins to wonder if the loving, close family she wishes for will ever be hers to enjoy. As she meets a stray dog and grows closer to those around her, she discovers the true meaning of family. 

Some of the more notable characters in this book are Charlie, her dog Wishbone, her Aunt Bertha, and Uncle Gus. 

Not only does this book showcase the wonderful and realistic relationships between people and their dogs, but it also teaches an essential lesson to impressionable youth about the nature of family. Many children today live outside of the traditional family ideal, with one or sometimes both parents not present in the home. It’s easy for these children to feel like they’ve lost their opportunity to nourish and enjoy a healthy, safe family relationship. Of the animal books for 10-year-olds, this one teaches youth that family can be stronger than blood. The reality of human relationships is that love is what makes a family. 

Snow Foal, by Susanna Bailey

This incredible story shares a few common themes with Wish, by Barbara O’Connor. This story follows 11-year-old Addie as she finds a new friend in a gorgeous foal rescued by her long-term foster family. Perhaps partially inspired by her separation from her mother, who struggles with alcoholism, Addie feels that the foal should be returned to the wild to live with its mother. Though she worries about its safety– returning to live with the wild ponies can be risky. 

Addie is our main protagonist, alongside Ruth and Sam, her hosts in her foster home, and their adopted son, Gabe. These characters give Addie the warm, safe, loving environment she needs throughout the story. 

These animal books for 9-year-olds masterfully but gently address the complexities of family struggles. It brings them down to earth and makes readers aware of and empathize with those who experience the difficulties and beauties of foster families. 

Consistency and Habit-Building

When building interest in reading for young people, consistency is crucial. Forming good habits early on helps young readers grow their love for reading. At Book and Bear, we consistently provide children with animal books for 9-10-year olds to effectively build good reading habits. Our subscriptions are available for those who wish to commit long-term or those who want to receive books on a month-to-month basis. Our flexibility provides ideal opportunities for all those who wish to participate in our subscription boxes. 

In addition to a new book that will captivate your reader each month, our packages include stuffed animals that they can assemble as a fun, do-it-yourself project that can be enjoyed and remembered for years. 

These mementos can remind your reader of the books they’ve read and the lessons they have taught them. We have a superb selection of books and are sure to cater to the needs of your young reader successfully.   

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