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The Best Animal Books For Kids

Reading is a crucial part of a child's upbringing, but reading does not compare to playing with flashy toys for some. Whether your little one is already an enthusiastic bookworm or prefers playing with toys, books are available to pique their interest. What better way to entice your child to read than by getting books about animals for kids?

There are endless animal books for kids with vibrant colors and adorable animals that quickly interest children. This book genre has entertained generations of kids of all ages and reading levels. The animals featured in these books range from typical family pets to barnyard animals to exotic animals, ocean animals, and even magical ones. Some of the most popular animals featured in books about animals for kids include cats, dogs, foxes, horses, and mice.

Cat Books For Kids

Animal books for kids with cats as the main character are perfect for your little one or any crazy cat lover in your life. This genre of children's books is a wonderful way to introduce kids to cats and even how to care for them while being entertaining with whimsical stories. There is something for every kid, with topics ranging from the types of cats to important lessons that apply to young children learning about life.

The Little Kitten

lThe purr-fect book for any child who loves cats, this gorgeous book by Nicola Killen is about a little girl and her cat who find a lost kitten. The story follows the three new best friends as the girl helps the new kitten find her home.

The Cat at Night

Our first book is great for children between the ages of two and six. Written by Dahlov Ipcar, this vibrant and colorful book takes readers on a journey with a farmer's cat as he adventures around at night. This beautifully illustrated book contrasts the eyesight of humans and cats at nighttime, teaching and entertaining young minds.

Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, Are You Waking Up?

The next cat-centric story is by Michael Sampson and Bill Martin Jr. and is suitable for kids between the ages of two and five. The adorable illustrations and simple rhymes tell the story of a kitten just starting to go to school and working through distractions to make it on time. There are two sequels to this book, so if your child loves this one, you can get the other two!

They All Saw a Cat

Written by Brendan Wenzel, the book jacket recommends this book for kids ages three to five. This charming and unique story follows a cat on a walk where it encounters various other animals, and each sees the cat differently. This story provides a valuable lesson on how everyone sees the world in their own way, and those differences do not mean there is a right or wrong way to experience the world.

Kitten’s First Full Moon

This story is excellent for those looking for animal books for 5-year-olds and younger. Written by Kevin Henkes and through beautiful illustrations, the tale of a kitten having her first bowl of milk is told but not before she mistakes the full moon for a whole bowl of milk. This adorable book is perfect for reading to your little one before bed.

Dog Books For Kids

Kittens are adorable, but not everyone is a cat person. For those that are more of a dog person, there is a wide variety of animal books for kids about dogs. Similar to the cat genre, these books are suitable for preparing young children for a new puppy and teaching them valuable life lessons through adorable and fun illustrations and tales. Plenty of animal children's books about dogs are available, but here are a few favorites.

Uh-Oh, Rollo!

Reed Duncan authors this book with illustrations by Keith Frawley that are both engaging for young readers between the ages of six and seven. This story follows the mischievous and silly adventures of Rollo, a loveable bulldog. Easy to read and exciting, this is the perfect book to keep your child entertained while improving their reading skills.

How Rocket Learned to Read

Author Tad Hills created a fun story ideal for kids ages three to six who are beginning to learn to read. Following a puppy learning to read himself, readers learn the alphabet and how to sound out words along with Rocket. Learning how to read has never been easier or more fun!

Charlie the Ranch Dog

Written by Ree Drummond and illustrated by Diane deGroat, this adorable story is great for children aged two to six. This book follows the everyday life of the ranch dog Charlie, a cute floppy-hound dog that loves his life and works hard on his family's ranch. This book is one in a series of five books about Charlie, so if your kid enjoys this book, you can add it to their collection.

Where’s Spot?

For younger children, Eric Hill has written and illustrated an adorable picture book for kids ages one to three. This short story follows a momma dog searching for her little pup Spot. With interactive flaps hiding other animals, the reader is able to follow along and help in the search for Spot. This story is perfect for entertaining your little one in an educational way.

Fox Books For Kids

Another popular category of animal children's books is about cunning and clever foxes. These fun and charming animals make the best subject for entertaining stories that engage young readers easily. These magical tales and vibrant illustrations spark the imaginations of children and provide them with valuable lessons.

The Secret Life of the Red Fox

In this stunning book by Laurence Pringle, kids will learn all about this curious creature as they follow the story of how Vixen finds food, hunts, escapes threats, finds a mate, and raises her kits—all the way to the day that she and her mate watch their kits head off to lead their own fulfilling lives.

Fox Is Late

This book is written by Corey R. Tabor and is recommended for kids ages four to eight. Following the ride of a fox on his skateboard that is in a rush because he is late, this thrilling story is entertaining and easy to read. One of many in a series of the My First I Can Read books, this book is perfect for those just beginning to read.

Fox and the Jumping Contest

Another book that features Corey R. Tabor as the author and is suitable for ages four to eight. This vibrant picture book follows the journey of a fox that wants to win a jumping contest but has to scheme up a plan because he is not a good jumper. This story is fun and entertaining, sure to make your little one laugh.

The Fox Wish

Kimiko Aman wrote the book with illustrations by Komako Sakai, and it is fantastic for those looking for animal books for 5-year-olds and up. This charming tale follows two children who lose their jump rope and discover that a fox group has their jump rope. Through adorable illustrations and rhythmic text, this book is entertaining and teaches that an open mind allows one to see the world's magic.

Little Fox in the Forest

This book by Stephanie Graegin is most suited for children ages two to five. The story of a little girl that takes her stuffed animal fox to the playground that a real fox steals is entertaining and magical. The girl and her friend chase after the fox and stumble upon a fantasy land of woodland creatures. This book will surely be irresistible to your young reader and expand their imagination.

Horse Books For Kids

Animal books for kids about horses are a popular story genre with children. Horses are the epitome of running free and exciting adventures. Children cannot resist the excitement of seeing a horse. It is a universal experience to see a horse in a pasture and exclaim 'horsey' as you pass by, so why not funnel that excitement into developing valuable reading skills?

The Smallest Horse

An adorable and heartwarming story written by Lorie List about a small pony that is perfect for kids aged five to seven. This tale follows the little pony on a journey of self-discovery to understand that size doesn't determine purpose. It is the first in a series of stories based on real ponies that your kid can see for themselves on the Pony Dreams website.

My Pony 

For the child that loves horses, this story by Susan Jeffers is suitable for kids aged two to six. This book follows the imagination of a little girl longing for her own pony. She imagines her dream horse and what it would be like to ride her through the countryside, inspiring children's imagination and teaching them that magic is just a thought away.

That’s Not My Pony

Ideal for young readers, this story by Fiona Watt, with illustrations by Rachel Wells, is recommended for ages one and up. This book has vibrant images and various textures that introduce children to the different types of horses with interactive textures to enhance their sensory skills.

Noni the Pony

Alison Lester writes another book that is recommended for young readers ages one and older. This story is popular, with rhythmic rhyming and cute illustrations that engage young readers. Following the friendly pony Noni, this story takes readers through fun adventures to the beach with Noni's friends - a dog and a cat.

Mice Books For Kids

Another popular category of books about animals for kids includes stories about mice. These adorable and charming stories keep imaginative minds entertained. Some of the most memorable and classic childhood books are in this category, along with new stories for new generations of readers. 

Our December box features two of the Santa Mouse book series.

Santa Mouse by Michael Brown and Santa Mouse Makes a Christmas Wish.

Whether you are looking for classic bedtime stories or cute ones with valuable messages, plenty of books will meet your needs and pique your child's interest.


This award-winning story is written by Leo Lionni and is suitable for children between the ages of three and six. It follows the story of a little mouse that, instead of gathering food to prepare for winter, gathers stories to tell his friends. This heartwarming story has been cherished for generations and is sure to be one of your and your children's favorites too!

Harry The Happy Mouse

"Harry, the Happy Mouse" is a bestseller written by N.G.K. and recommended for children from two to six years old. A charming story that teaches children about the importance of being kind through following the tale of a mouse named Harry that inspires kindness in the other creatures around him.

Mouse Paint

An adorable picture book written by Ellen Stoll Walsh, "Mouse Paint" is perfect for young readers ages two to five. This whimsical book is an excellent introduction to colors and what happens when they are mixed together, making it ideal for children with bright imaginations and an interest in creating art.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

This iconic book by Laura Numeroff is also perfect for young readers ages one to five. One in a series of children's books, this story uses rhyming and repetition to introduce little ones to these beloved books. It tells the story of a hungry little mouse that wants a cookie and what will happen if you give him a cookie.

Why Choose Animal Children's Books

These wholesome, silly, exciting, and colorful stories make reading fun for young children. Reading is an essential skill that cannot be taught adequately if a child sees it as a dull activity that feels like a chore. Animal children's books are a great way to get your child interested in reading and make learning entertaining.

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Our boxes offer something for all ages, from newborns to ages eight and up, with animal books for kids. Choose the plan that best suits your child's reading level and interests to enhance their reading and keep them entertained.

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