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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"Awesome experience! My daughter loves reading! And she loves playing with toys! Book and Bear is the best combination! You can make your plush, read and play together❤️" -Olenka G.

Duck Stuffing Kit and Book Set by Book and Bear

Duck Stuffing Kit and Book Set by Book and Bear

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Perfect for duck lovers, this Book and Bear box comes with a large, soft ducky you can build and everything you need to build and adopt your new duck reading buddy. No sewing skills required with our zip tie and Velcro closures!

Duck box includes a duck stuffing kit, choice of picture or chapter book, a ducky coloring book, stuffing fluff and adoption papers.

Start by hand-stuffing and adopting your own new Duck Reading Buddy.

Picture book version includes the Newberry Award Winning Classic, Make Way For Ducklings. Large, keepsake picture book has delighted generations of children, and will be a new favorite read for your 3-7 year old! This book was inspirational for one of our founders, Brae, as she was first developing her art skills with it's beautiful chalk drawings. This beloved book will be even more interesting as your child cuddles their own new hand-stuffed ducky!

Older kids (ages 8 and up) will enjoy two new chapter books:

The original The Story of Doctor Dolittle, by the Newberry Award Winning author, Hugh Lofting: "Doctor Dolittle has filled his house with so many of his animal friends that his human patients can bear it no longer. In fact, he likes the animals better, and he can talk to them, too! One day a mysterious call comes from Africa - the monkeys are all dying from a horrible epidemic. To the rescue, Doctor Dolittle sails off to help the monkeys, and there he finds the extraordinary two-headed Pushmi-Pullyu." Young readers are in for an adventurous treat with this fantastic novel, and if they love the doctor and his animals, there are plenty of other titles to keep them reading in this series.

Plus a newer title from animal rescue adventures series: Jasmine Green Rescues: A Duckling Called Button. "Jasmine Green's mom is a vet and her dad is a farmer. So when Jasmine sees animals that need rescuing, she knows just what to do. While walking in the woods, Jasmine and her best friend, Tom, find a nest of orphaned duck eggs. Can Jasmine keep the eggs warm and safe? With a little love and luck, the Green family farm will have a duck friend for life."

 *Plush animals are not recommended for children under three years old due to small parts. For little ones, see our NEW Baby Box!

The Book and Bear Subscription Box is the perfect gift for your young readers who are eager to explore and discover new stories and characters! Every month, your child will receive an adorable animal to build themselves, along with a book that will bring their imagination to life.

To start your subscription with Duck, choose "Monthly" as your purchase option when you add a duck box to your cart. We'll ship your duck right away, and the following month you'll receive our newest animal. Monthly Subscriptions can be paused or cancelled as you need.

Want to take advantage of a subscription offer? Longer term subscriptions earn higher discounts! Message us to make duck your first box on any subscription plan.

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