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Hanukkah Stuffing Kit And Book Set

Hanukkah Stuffing Kit And Book Set

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Get ready for Hanukkah 2023 with a Book and Bear box! 

Featured in this Hanukkah box is a sweet, soft little wolf your child can build (no sewing!), adoption papers and a purple "Best Friends" heart to stuff inside. PLUS a picture book: Little Red Ruthie by Gloria Koster, celebrating the importance of family and the fun of Hanukkah family gatherings and latkes, of course! PLUS a Hanukkah craft. PERFECT FOR AGES 3-7

Each Box includes:

  • Mini 8 inch Wolf Stuffing Kit
  • Fluff and Instructions to stuff your Wolf
  • A Heart to Wish upon and Stuff inside your Wolf's back
  • Adoption Papers
  • A Picture Book (Little Red Ruthie)
  • PLUS a Hanukkah craft

Not for children under 3 years old due to small parts.


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