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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"Awesome experience! My daughter loves reading! And she loves playing with toys! Book and Bear is the best combination! You can make your plush, read and play together❤️" -Olenka G.

Raccoon Stuffing Kit and Picture Book Set

Raccoon Stuffing Kit and Picture Book Set

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Raccoons are fluffy and wild with huge adorable tails and little masks to wear on their faces. You can't exactly adopt a wild racoon, but our plush racoon comes with no mischief or dumpster diving, and will steal your child's heart.

This box includes a Raccoon your child can stuff and adopt, and a special book:  May I Come In?

Along with the book, your child can imagine being right inside the story by holding their very own self-stuffed raccoon. 

Start with May I Come In?, but if you want to keep the reading fun going opt-in for our monthly subscription plan! We'll deliver a new animal and story right to your doorstep. Your child's imagination will just blossom with a new best friend each month and a new reading adventure.

Plus, reading with your child every day strengthens that unbreakable bond, making them feel safe, comfortable, and loved. 

Every Book and Bear Box comes with:

  • A new plush animal your child will instantly love, all the soft and cuddly fur included
  • Generous amounts of soft, cloud-like stuffing so little hands can stuff their new best friend
  • No sewing necessary - simply zip or Velcro when fully stuffed
  • But before closing up the back, have your child insert the purple Best Friends heart after closing their eyes and making the biggest wish!
  • A beautiful hardbound picture book about your child's new best friend you can add to your growing library
  • BONUS: Creative craft adventures, including a coloring book, sticker set, or perhaps even another fun toy - Manatee box includes a mouse pad to color for Dad AND a tote bag to color with the included fabric markers


*Plush animals are not recommended for children under three years old due to small parts (eyes).

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